Ensure long-term, sustainable results with a pipeline of high performing leaders.

The LCP Emerging Leaders Program is an integrative, accelerated development experience for individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential and success.

It recognizes the opportunities for career growth and success in front of them by developing their leadership capabilities so that they can deliver sustainable results. 

Ideal for organizations who require a high level of leadership competency to maintain a sustainable competitive position, the LCP Emerging Leaders Program creates an invaluable asset of leaders that produces a culture of growth and compounding impact.

Who it's for.

The LCP Emerging Leaders Program is well-suited for organizations who are: 

  • Focused on continued growth and sustained, large-scale expansion.
  • Preparing for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Transitioning people with technical capabilities into management and leadership roles.
  • Planning for long-term succession.
  • Needing a proven framework to activate a leadership talent management program.
  • Requiring an injection of drive, innovation, and leadership into the culture of the organization.

Program approach.

Participants in the LCP Emerging Leaders Program will discover the power of aligning their efforts around the 5 Leadership Anchors™ as a foundation for their long-term development and success.  

The LCP Emerging Leader Program can be delivered in a 6-month “fast-track" format or as a 12-month stepped program. The program can be leveraged further into a multi-year scenario:

  • Year 1: Accelerating Capability
  • Year 2: Sustaining Capability
  • Year 3: Compounding Capability

The program is facilitated by highly experienced LCP-certified coaches and consultants  — all with significant leadership experience — who follow LCP’s evidence-based methodology that incorporates Appreciative Inquiry and strengths-based approaches to development.

Participants will also be able to draw on external contributions from experts in leadership and related disciplines from industry and academia. And engage in live forum workshops, individual coaching (face-to-face and virtual), and in topical webinars featuring guest experts. 

In addition, they will create and maintain an online leadership journal and collaborate with each other and program experts in a secure, interactive online forum. Participants are also assigned a mentor for encouragement and accountability. 

Program benefits.

Through coaching and peer-to-peer learning, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper awareness of self, personal strengths, and development areas, while also identifying motivational drivers.
  • Understand the importance of developing a culture of collaboration – delegation, empowerment, priority-management.
  • Recognize leadership blind spots; practice and strengthen new leadership capabilities through coaching and forums.
  • Learn how to manage conflict and have difficult conversations.
  • Evaluate effective decision-making models.
  • Increase leadership capacity by knowing how to address conflicting priorities.
  • Realize the long-term value of professional and personal alignment.

Through the LCP Emerging Leaders Program, organizations will: 

  • Create a pipeline of high-performing, vetted, and motivated leadership talent.
  • Realize a better ROI on existing talent through higher productivity and retainment.
  • Establish a culture of high energy engagement throughout the organization.
  • Enjoy long-term sustainability and stability in volatile, competitive markets.

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