Put the leadership team on the fast-track to drive business performance and growth.

The LCP Leadership Accelerator Program is an accelerated experience for senior leaders and managers focused on the development of integrative leadership capabilities and better business performance.  

Designed to address the unique needs and challenges of a rapidly growing organization, the program delivers measurable impact and feedback on a rolling basis against strategic priorities. 

Developed for organizations focused on increasing market share, revenue and impact, the LCP Leadership Accelerator Program also supports the retention and development of key performers to ensure sustainable success.

Who it's for.

The LCP Leadership Accelerator Program is well-suited for organizations who are: 

  • Preparing for and in the midst of high-growth with rapidly increasing revenue, staff, and/or scale.
  • Seeking a leadership program to build on top of an ongoing commitment to manager development tools (e.g. Clifton Strengths-Finder).
  • Require a proactive program to drive retention of key performers. 
  • Navigating volatile markets or disruptive/disrupted industries.

Program approach.

Participants in the LCP Leadership Accelerator Program will experience a development journey focused on equipping them with practical strategies and insights based on the  5 Leadership Anchors™.

Drawing on LCP Global’s experience with organizations and leaders from around the world, the LCP Leadership Accelerator Program is led by highly experienced facilitators and coaches— all with significant leadership experience. 

The program is underpinned by LCP’s unique evidence-based approach where leaders gain a deeper awareness of self and their personal strengths.  Results are achieved with rolling 90-day outcomes with 30-day action plans over the course of the 6-month or 12-month Accelerator Program. 

Participants will engage in live “Forum” workshops, individual coaching (face-to-face and virtual), and in topical webinars featuring guest experts.  In addition, they will create and maintain an online leadership journal and collaborate with each other and program experts in a secure, interactive online forum. 

Program benefits.

Through coaching and peer-to-peer learning, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper awareness of self and their personal strengths as well as an understanding of organizational drivers.
  • Recognize the importance of prioritizing stakeholder relationships.
  • Identify motivational drivers and how personal values are linked to performance.
  • Make effective decisions that give confidence to the decision-maker and those implementing the decisions.
  • Increase leadership capacity to get things done by addressing conflicting priorities.
  • Realize the long-term value of maintaining professional and personal alignment.

Through the LCP Leadership Accelerator Program, organizations will: 

  • Help their leaders be better focused on the immediate growth issues and priorities.
  • Invest in sustainable leadership capabilities that address immediate challenges and emerging needs.
  • Identify early indicators of success and the ability to apply adaptive strategies with a 30-day scorecard and rolling 90-day progress assessment

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