Inspire great performance with teams that are strategically aligned and focused.

The LCP Team Alignment Program is a breakthrough experience for senior leaders and managers whose priorities are continually being challenged by organizational growth, significant enterprise change, mergers and acquisitions, and leadership changes. 

Designed for organizations and their leaders that may be in a C-level leader transition or enduring other leadership changes such as a new management team altogether or significant organizational or structural changes.  

The LCP Team Alignment Program explores individual goals that are in conflict with other team members or organizational priorities and helps them to leverage their strengths to achieve breakthrough alignment and success. 

Who it's for.

Ideal for organizations and leadership teams focused on:

  • Growing through market share and acquisitions
  • Managing geographically dispersed leadership teams
  • Adding new members to the leadership team
  • Experiencing a founder or significant leadership transition
  • Managing the fall-out from multiple changes to the organizational structure.

Program approach.

The LCP Team Alignment Program is underpinned by LCP’s unique evidence-based approach where leaders gain a deeper awareness of self and their personal strengths. Based on the 5 Leadership Anchors™, leaders discover the power of aligning the energy and focus of a team around shared priorities.

Participants explore individual goals that are in conflict with other team members, identify perceived roadblocks, and leverage strengths for breakthrough results in 6-month or 12-month programs.

The program is designed for C-Suite executives and senior leadership teams, including general management, divisional and regional leadership (minimum of 6 participants).

Participants will engage in live “forum” workshops, individual coaching (in-person and virtual), group coaching, and in topical webinars featuring guest experts. 

In addition, they will create and maintain an online leadership journal and engage each other, their leadership coach, and program experts in a secure, interactive online forum. 

Program benefits.

Through coaching and peer-to-peer engagement, participants will:

  • Develop strong collaborative behaviors
  • Discover a commitment to shared success (“winning is not a zero-sum game”)
  • Achieve focused momentum that increases leadership capacity for achieving results
  • Experience positive employee engagement
  • Communicate with clear, concise, consistent messages that are always on-brand
  • Address conflicting priorities and remove roadblocks to individual and shared success. 

Organizations will: 

  • Gain a cohesive and collaborative leadership team
  • Develop leaders who have a strong commitment to good governance
  • Retain key leadership talent
  • Achieve momentum for sustainable results even within volatile markets and uncharted territory
  • Inspire teams toward greater performance and better results.

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