Create a foundation for long-term success with a culture that successfully and sensitively embraces change

The LCP Change-Readiness Program™ is an integrative experience designed for senior leaders, team leaders and their respective teams focused on introducing adaptive strategies that will lead to the support of major change initiatives and high-visibility leadership changes.

It recognizes the importance of promoting a culture of ownership that creates greater resilience in the face of change and the disruption it brings to established processes, reporting lines, and perceived obstacles to personal and corporate success.

Ideal for organizations needing to educate key stakeholders about the reasons behind a major change and prepare them for the implications of that change while conveying confidence about the organization’s future.

Who it's for.

The LCP Change Readiness Program is well-suited for organizations who are:

  • Focused on building internal capability for managing change in the middle of a growth trajectory, or the launch of enterprise-wide initiatives.
  • Preparing for mergers and acquisitions.
  • Implementing a new organizational structure.
  • Managing high-visibility leadership departures.

Program approach.

Participants in the LCP Change Readiness Program will learn how to implement adaptive strategies that recognize the importance of creating a foundation for long-term success that can successfully and sensitively navigate major change.

The LCP Change Readiness Program can be delivered in over a 90-day “fast-track” format or as a 6 to 12 month stepped program.

The program is facilitated by highly experienced leadership development consultants – all with significant leadership experience – who have an appreciation of Prosci-ADKAR principles and LCP’s unique evidence-based approach that incorporates Appreciative Inquiry and strengths-based approaches to development.

Participants will benefit from attending customised ‘change-readiness’ workshops, individual and group coaching, and be able to interact with each other and their coaches in a secure, interactive online forum created for the engagement.

Program benefits.

Through coaching and peer-to-peer engagement, participants will:

  • Gain a deeper awareness of self, and how their emotions and personal strengths can influence responses to change.
  • Adapt smarter, better, faster.
  • As champions and advocates of change, be motivated to implement change successfully and provide support to those impacted throughout the enterprise.
  • Learn how to identify resistance to change and implement adaptive strategies.
  • Understand the unique interplay of professional and personal values, and their alignment.
  • Be able to deliver clear, concise, consistent messaging because they have an appreciation of the organizational drivers behind change and its importance for future success.

Through the LCP Leadership Change Readiness Program, organizations will:

  • Have leadership focused on delivering organizational priorities during major change.
  • Increase internal leadership capability around managing change, minimizing loss of productivity and dependence on external providers.
  • Maintain a culture of high energy engagement throughout the organization.
  • Enjoy long-term sustainability and stability through effective succession.

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